Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Honeys story

After having Zac for a few months we thought maybe it would be nice to get him a sister so we started searching for a girl when looking they were all way over my budget so we decided we would just have too wait but one evening i was looking on the puppy sites when i came across an add for 3 girl chihuahua pups and the price i could afford so i sent an email thinking the add had been up for a while so i thought they would prob be gone a few days latter i received an email saying the pups were still available and i got so excited i called the breeder and asked about the pups she said it was a litter of 3 girls one tricolour and 2 sable pups as zac was a red sable i decided to go for something different and asked if she could send me pics and that i was interested in the tricolour she sent me a picture of honey and her sister well when the pic came to my phone that was it i knew she was to be mine i fell in love with her there and then she was so cute i phoned back and confirmed that i was taking the tricolour pup and when i could pic her up she was already 12 weeks when i called and had all vaccinations so was ready to go whenever i wanted to collect her so i arranged to collect her on the Tuesday i was so excited and couldn't sleep leading up to collection well Tuesday came and me and my friend got ready to go it was so much fun and the breeder was about an hours drive from me so we arrived to the kennels where honeys breeder lived she bred a showed bedliington terriers there were quite a few of them around i had never seen this bred of dog before and me and my friend found the quite funny looking we thought they looked like sheep lol well we met with Lorraine honeys breeder and she took me though to the office where a playpen was set up and in it were 3 beautiful puppies one of which was honey i lifted her out and she clung too me like glue the breeder explained to me that she would need socialising as they had not been handled a lot but i loved the way she snuggled in with me so i paid for her and headed home she was just the cutest when we got home she was very shy and hid a lot she also wanted to cuddle in with zac a lot but zac wasn't sure and he kept moving away from her i guess she was used to snuggling in with her litter mates but zac wanted his own space so i let her snuggle with me witch caused her to form a close bond with me maybe too close as she would get very anxious if i left her alone her and zac did become great friends in the end and i love having my sweet little girl.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Beautiful Buster

After Jayjay died the kids wanted another pet so we went to the pet store, and they picked out a beautiful silver and white long haired guinea pig, they decided to call him Buster. He was beautiful and so friendly, we had hamsters before and the kids could not handle them as they were too fast, this was not the case with buster he was so tame and loved to sit on your lap and be petted or groomed, he was a really great pet for them and Dane adored him. I would recommend guinea pigs as pets to anyone, he was no bother at all. He was kept in the dining part of out kitchen in his cage and whenever he herd the fridge door open he would squeak squeak squeak because he knew that is where we kept the lettuce it was so funny.

When we got Zac we put them together, Buster looked bigger than Zac, at first Zac was fearful of this cute furry thing lol but we kept socializing them together and they became great friends. Zac would often jump into Busters cage it was so cute watching them together.

On January 2009 we went into busters cage to clean it out and i noticed he looked different, the sparkle had gone from his eyes and he had lost a lot of weight he had not been eating or drinking, so i got a syringe and started giving him fluids, things looked quite bad and i was so worried for him. When i woke that next morning he was out of his bed and looked like he was perking up a bit, i kept giving him the fluids that day and was going to visit my mum in hospital that evening so checked on Buster, before i went and gave him some fluids. On the way back from the hospital we stopped and got something to eat. When we got back home i went to check on Buster he was not around so i put my hand into his bed and my worst fears were confirmed he felt cold and hard, our gorjuss wee guy had sadly passed away i didn't know how i was going to tell the kids, and chickened out in telling them till the next morning. Dane took it sooo bad he was really upset as he truly loved this pet, but buster will always have a special place in our lives just as Jayjay had.